We helped build the newest dogwalkingservice platform in holland

Honden uitlaatservice vinden

We all have seen the people with sad faces walking their dogs. In the rain, wind and snow. We all have that friend or colleague that has trouble finding the time to walk their dog every day and giving it what it needs. Our client found a solution for these dog owners.

We started with market research and talking to dog owners to find out what is they exactly need. Good dog walking services are hard to find. You could find some good services with google, but what if there would be one interactive platform for dog owners and dog walking services? Where everything is based on ratings and location, and where everything you need to know to find a good service is in one place?




Color palette


The platform is fully responsive, that means that it looks perfect on every device and you’ll have the same experience.



The graphics have been designed to fit any mobile device, from tablet to smartphone. This allows the users to browse the site at any time, from anywhere.

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